Our firm that stepped in the baby diaper sector in 1990 under the roof of Astel Kağıtçılık Co. with the slogan of "Comfort of Mothers, Health of Babies" has been one of the initial producers of the sector with its products bearing Canbebe brand. The firm, Canbebe, which expanded its range of product in subsequent period with the baby cosmetic products and wet cleaning towel series, has become one of the leading firms, not only in the diaper, but at the complete baby care. The production of hygienic sanitary pad under the brand of Canlady took a start in 1994 through the experience, gained from the diaper and the launch of the Canped brand products that continue its leadership position in disposable adult diaper market was initiated. 

The growth of our firm has gained momentum by its participation into the structure of Ontex International, a European giant in hygienic products, in 2000; and each of Canbebe, Canlady and Canped products have become the brands taking place at the first ranks of their own categories and consolidated their position at the market. 

Ontex, one of the most important European hygienic disposables manufacturers was established in Belgium in 1979. With its market leader position, Ontex is supplying private label hygienic products for most of the major retailers in Europe, Middle East and Africa. In this respect, Ontex that currently owns 12 production plants and 15 sales offices worldwide mainly Europe, has a wide range of products at different categories such as baby diaper, sanitary napkin, disposable adult diaper, tampon, wet towel and etc. Ontex Turkey has gained great expertise on hygienic products and keeps growing in this direction. It is the 239th biggest industrial company of Turkey according to the Istanbul Chamber of Industry’s top 500 list. 

Our firm that makes export to 25 countries in addition to its activities at the domestic market is at the leading position by its brand Canbebe at the baby diaper markets in Algeria, Georgia and Macedonia. Furthermore, it produces various private-brand products and exports to Greece, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, France, Germany and United Kingdom. Ontex ranking on the 2nd place according to the data of 2007 in Turkey for the export of paper, cardboard, packaging and stationary products continues to work with its approach aiming to meet customer expectations at highest level in the countries both in Turkey and countries of export.

To be a leading hygienic disposables provider with a strong focus on customer service, innovation and quality.

Ontex is committed to maintain its leading position as the preferred supplier of hygienic disposable products to the retail trade and other institutional bodies, with a key focus on quality and innovative products. Ontex is passionate about achieving high levels of customer service, to help build trust between customers, the company and its employees. This combined with the competitive pricing of the products provides the value proposition which Ontex represents to its customers.


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